Day: August 27, 2018

A Guide to buying a Property or Real Estate in Turkey

Real Estate in Turkey

The system of property ownership in Turkey is based on the title of the property being registered to the Land Registry. Continue reading “A Guide to buying a Property or Real Estate in Turkey” »

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Commercial Mortgage Modification


In todays crumbling, commercial real estate market, both borrowers and lenders find themselves in quite a precarious predicament. Continue reading “Commercial Mortgage Modification” »

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Planning to buy a property in Russia

moscow property

Planning to buy a property in Russia but unable to locate that one or in doubt before buying? Then not to worry at all. There is a company namely “First Class Realty” which offers their valuable suggestions for all the customers to buy properties all over the world. Continue reading “Planning to buy a property in Russia” »

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Liv On Wilkie

Liv On Wilkie Singapore

Liv On Wilkie is a freehold development placed in Wilkie Terrace, Singapore District 9, contiguous in topnotch privacy and additionaly within close to the metropolis and CBD region. Liv On Wilkie is a remarkable property worth of its richness and good testimonial of fortune in bringing to its latest condominium inside a certain a respected district. Continue reading “Liv On Wilkie” »

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7 Tips for Home Buyers in Indianapolis

Indianapolis real estate

It’s tempting to just sign on the dotted line when you want something badly. Emotions have a funny way of making otherwise important factors look small and negligible. But before you commit to buying that nice, new piece of Indianapolis real estate, here are a few less obvious steps you can take to avoid buyer’s remorse. Continue reading “7 Tips for Home Buyers in Indianapolis” »

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