Business Bay Dubai: property investments in Business Bay

Set to be the biggest and best business hub in the Middle East, Business Bay is going to be the financial centre of Dubai`s growing economy. The project, created by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, is currently under construction and is based on other key financial districts such as Manhattan in New York, and Canary Wharf in London. Dubai Business Bay properties, developed by Dubai Holding Group, will become home to many of the World`s leading multinational firms, and will feature the finest infrastructure and business environment. Luxury offices and apartments are available to buy or rent in the heart of the City. (more…)

How to Become a Real Estate Agent in California

Are you ready to become a realtor in this supreme region of the world? Thousands of agents are making millions of dollars annually. You can grab your share by becoming a licensed real estate agent in California. All you have to do is to pursue the following simple steps to get your salesperson license. (more…)

How a Real Estate Agent to Be Eligilbe for the RE License in Virginia

The state of Virginia is among the few significant states of the US. It is the home of the worlds largest office building which is known as the Pentagon. The state is also known as the birthplace of a nation since eight presidents and six first ladies were born in the state. (more…)

Real Estate in Rapid City, South Dakota

Real estate is an industry which has sustained itself quite well through the recent recession. More and more people are thinking of buying new homes which can serve a dual purpose of living as well as an attractive investment option. (more…)

An Introduction to Real Estate in Portland, Oregon

Portland is often called the model of a well-planned city. This is doubtless a consequence of Oregons practical land-use policies, especially the 1974 set-up of an urban growth boundary. This move conserved land in the style of farming practices of the 1800s. This was uncharacteristic in a period when many areas neglected their major cities for expansion along highways, satellite cities and suburbs. (more…)

Oklahoma City Real Estate

There are many reasons to move to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Oklahoma City has the excitement of being the capital of the state of Oklahoma but yet can give you the hometown feel family members crave on some of their quieter residential streets. (more…)

Foreclosure Properties in Madison

Foreclosure homes for sale in Madison are listed in the county courthouse and are also advertised through newspapers. The court requires that the notice of sale be published in the newspaper as a result of which the property gets listed. It is also a way of notifying the public about the anticipated auction. (more…)

Real Estate South Carolina

It is a continually improving situation for purchasers, with mount pleasant real estate available at bargain prices. And, you can obtain mortgages at terrific rates too. To locate the new house you want, get in touch with a mount pleasant South Carolina real estate broker. (more…)

Why Use Real Estate Agent

There are many reasons why property owners should use a real estate agent. A realtor is there to protect your investments and make sure you get the most out of your home sale or new home purchase. They have studied selling and buying techniques and come with a network of exclusive resources to take advantage of. (more…)

Foreign investors looking to gain a foothold in Burma

MK Group plan to invest in a four-to five-star hotel in Rangoon to capitalise on the low supply of hotel rooms in Burma. MK Group is the marketing represantive of Sahapat Group and has operated retail business in Burma for 20 years. (more…)