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Houses For Sale In Vietnam – What You Need To Know About Vietnam?

Officially referred to as the Republic of Vietnam, it is located in the easternmost regions of the Indochina Peninsula. It has histories that are highly respected by both citizens and foreigners. Amazing agriculture and varieties of its culture are the things that made the country popular. It produces coffees that are incomparable as well as many other agricultural products.

It is also known for its gastronomic scene that made lots of history. The country attracts lots of tourists because of some unique places like cave systems in Phong Nha-Ke Bang national park and Halong Bay limestone islands.

It is also rated high in terms of growing GDP and as a result, considered one of the fast-growing countries. For its flourishing economy, Vietnam is considered today to be one of the top countries where investors are ready to invest their resources.

The country also has a low charge rate per property, which makes it easy for investors to thrive successfully. This single act is of great significance because no foreigner will want to invest where lots of taxes and charges will be incurred.

Ho Chi Minh city villas

How Affordable Is It To Live In Vietnam?

The average sales price is approximately 3,452,178,000 ₫, while the average price per square meter is 50,272,000 ₫.

Popular Areas In Vietnam

The biggest and the most popular city in Vietnam is called Ho Chi Minh City. This particular city was previously known as Saigon. It is their center of commerce with lots of great histories.

Notable areas in the city are its restaurants, skyscraper, and French architecture. Their war remnant museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, Giac Lam Pagoda, and Jade Emperor pagoda are the areas that most tourists visit. Hanoi, which is the capital city of Vietnam, is also a popular place but not comparable to Saigon.

Property Types In Vietnam

Many properties are there in Vietnam, the most notable one available for all users is a condominium. Also, there are lots of houses for sale in Vietnam. Others are top class accommodations with updated facilities like large parking spaces, swimming pools, and gymnasiums. The accommodations are in different sizes, depending on the family size.

Ho Chi Minh city villas

Average Price Of A Property In Vietnam

Property Size        Avg. Price

1 Bedroom:   2,101,866,000 ₫

2 Bedrooms:  3,950,025,000 ₫

3 Bedrooms:  6,254,167,000 ₫

4 Bedrooms:  12,361,601,000 ₫

5 Bedrooms:  16,276,235,000 ₫

Cost Of Living In Vietnam

Generally, the cost of living in Vietnam is not expensive when compared with other parts of the world. But worthy of mention is that it depends largely on lifestyle and the type of apartment. It is not also surprising that the cost of living is more expensive in their major cities compare to their villages. People that also come from other countries live well in Vietnam.

Their recognized currency is Vietnamese dong (DND), which 23,214VND of it is equivalent to one USD. Their least bill is 10,000VND. Street food is one common thing in Vietnam, and visitors are not excluded from consuming it. Also, credit cards are much available for use in hotels by foreigners.

Reasons To Invest In Vietnam

It has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, accompanied by a rapidly growing population. Their GDP is increasing averagely by 8.4% yearly. High rental yield is another reason.