How to Rent an Apartment in Luxembourg (If You Own a Pet)?

People can live without many things. Living without their pet is not one of those things, at least for most pet owners. Especially cat and dog owners. Moving into another country or a city usually means that you can’t take your sibling or a friend with you because they got a life in the place where they are. But for your cat or your dog, or some other pet, their life is where you are, and there is no way around it. Plus, in most cases, there isn’t anyone willing to take care of them for an extended period.

If you are a pet owner and want to rent an apartment in Luxembourg, there are few things you should be aware of. So, it is possible, but you need to know your rights and have it sort out with your landlord as well. Here’s everything that you need to know about renting an apartment if you are a pet owner.

Tenancy law and pets in Luxembourg

According to tenancy laws in Luxembourg, the tenant may be forbidden to keep too many domestic animals or potentially dangerous animals, if there is a risk of causing damage to the property.

At the same time, the landlords are obligated to make sure that the rental agreement does not affect the private life of the tenant. Therefore, strict no pets policy is discouraged.

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What does that mean?

That means you don’t make a farm or a zoo garden out of your place. The emphasis on the law is on “too many domestic animals” and “dangerous pets”. At the same time, the legislator hasn’t quantified to how many is too many or if there is a list made of the pets that are considered dangerous. That leaves a certain margin to interpret the tenant law in one or another direction.

What does that mean in practice?

In practice, things are much simpler, and it comes down to the will of your landlord and the culture in the country. If you have a pet, you better talk this through with your landlord. If the landlord is willing, and in most cases they are, there will be a pet clause in your contract. The pet clause is a legal agreement stating that the landlord allows pet or pets on the property.

Generally speaking, people in Luxembourg look with an affinity towards pets as many of them own at least one. Typically, most landlord owners don’t have an issue with a dog or a cat, but if you bring a five feet python, things can get complicated, and you might not get your pet clause. But again, if it is a five feet python ask first, maybe your landlord is a fan of exotic animals such as pythons.